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The Right Product Every Time

With thousands of South African farmers toiling in tough conditions to create successful businesses while providing for the country, Vipa Holdings is easing the load on the industry by providing precise agricultural products delivered timeously and to the highest standards.   

“Vipa’s policy is to support farming communities by providing agricultural products to blenders, co-ops and agents that give the farmer what is needed when it is needed. This more precise approach places an emphasis on saving costs, with less risk to the supply chain and ultimately better yields on a sustainable basis”   CEO David Smillie.  

South Africa and Mauritius

Based in Durban with offices in Johannesburg and Mauritius, Vipa Holdings supplies fertilizers and animal feed raw materials to the agricultural industry. Vipa offers a range of exclusive value-added, coated products to blenders, as well as binders for pellet production.

The Vipa Story
As told by David Smillie – CEO Vipa Holdings

Vipa Holdings began in 2004 as an informal initiative that has grown into a highly organized and focused agricultural business which in March 2014 saw the company take a significant leap forward in its operation, one that will see it becoming a leader in the fertilizer business within the SADC region that will emphasise on global expansion.

In late 2013, with the effects of the global recession slowly impacting on South African businesses, particularly those in the logistics and transport sectors, Vipa found itself without a reliable way of bringing quality fertiliser products into the country and out to the to the market place.

Rather than allowing the recession to drag down their own business, the Vipa team looked at the current industry issues and opportunities and made a firm decision to move forward.



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